Tenant Screening Paid by Tenant Charlotte NC

Tenant Screening Paid by Tenant Charlotte NCProtective your rental property investment without wasting time or money with tenant screening paid by tenant Charlotte NC. Quality apartment and house rentals in Charlotte are in high demand, making rental real estate a great investment. Never risk this investment by renting without first thoroughly checking out your prospective tenant, which may include a tenant credit report. Why do landlords choose to cut corners when it comes to tenant screening? At Tenant Screening Center, we understand that the primary barriers are time and money. Pulling credit reports and doing reference checks yourself is very time intensive, both in total effort expended and in potential loss of a quality tenant while you are performing the easy tenant screening. Also, many landlords have to charge an application fee and gather sensitive personal information such as social security numbers to perform a credit and background check, which can turn off some prospective tenants.

Our tenant screening paid by tenant product can be a great solution to fill your Charlotte NC rentals quickly and with confidence. We developed this product by considering the needs of landlords and of the responsible tenants you are looking for. You want to protect your investment, and applicants want to protect their personal information. You do not want to gather multiple applications hoping one tenant is the right one, and they do not want to apply to multiple apartments and continue looking if they like one (yours!). You do not want to spend hours of your time pulling credit reports and checking references, and they do not want to pay a high application fee.

We generate a credit report paid by tenant by having them apply and pay directly. The fee is extremely low and can be offered back to a selected tenant as a rental credit, making them even more likely to sign. They provide access to the generated report to you, while protecting their personal information. You get a tenant credit report quickly and at no cost, allowing you to offer a lease to desirable tenants quickly. Give us a call today to put tenant screening paid by tenant to work for you in Charlotte NC.

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