Tenant Screening Paid by Tenant Denver

Discover a world of solutions include tenant screening paid by tenant in Denver. Tenant Screening Center is proud to offer our high quality tenant screening services to discerning property owners nationwide. Why take a risk on a tenant with hidden credit problems or, worse, undisclosed criminal history? To build trust, first you must verify. Tenant Screening Center is here to help with time tested solutions for all types of properties, from small residential to major commercial.

Screening for all Properties – Residential and Commercial

Need to fill a unit in a hurry, or have to screen multiple applicants? Then QuickScreen may be the perfect solution for you. With QuickScreen, interested applicants do all the work themselves, and we make the report available to you. Desirable tenants often prefer to not give out personal information or pay application fees. With QuickScreen, your prospective tenants know that their personal information is secure. In addition, there are many rental scams out there. More than once, a current tenant has posed as a property owner and collected dozens of “application fees” from prospective tenants. Savvy prospective tenants may have heard of these scams and be hesitant to pay application fees. Paying for the screening themselves can alleviate these valid concerns. With QuickScreen, both the property owner and the perfect tenant have total peace of mind.

Tenant Screening Center is proud to offer solutions including reports paid by tenant to cities like Denver across the country. Not sure if QuickScreen is the right product for you? We offer many different screening packages to property owners, such as full background checks including criminal history. We would happy to help you select the right package for your property portfolio. Give us a call, browse or website, or use online chat today. We will do whatever we need to in order to make you a satisfied customer.

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