Tenant Screening Paid by Tenant Durham North Carolina

Tenant Screening Paid by Tenant Durham North CarolinaMinimize your risk and maximize your profit with tenant screening paid by tenant Durham North Carolina. Turnover of rental units can be more frequent in college towns such as Durham. If you are a property owner with multiple units that are popular with visiting professors and students, many of your units may become vacant in the same month. Not only are vacancies expensive, but turning over multiple units can be overwhelming, with showings and coordination. Often the temptation is to rent out units quickly, to the first interested party that can come up with a security deposit and first month’s rent. However, the cost of a non paying or nuisance tenant can greatly exceed the loss of a few months of rent from a vacant unit. Tenant Screening Center can help. We offer a number of quick screening tools, including a credit report that can be paid for by the prospective tenant as well as the property owner.

Tenant Screening Center offers a number of packages for different sizes of residential property portfolios, as well as a special package for screening potential commercial tenants. If you are looking to rent out a single room (not a separate unit), we offer a package that searches and/or validates nine databases and pieces of applicant information. If you have between 1 and 5 legally separate units, TSC RentalConnect is for you. This package includes a credit report, a national criminal search, and a national eviction search. This package including a credit report can be paid by the prospective tenant or by you. Tenant Screening Center understands that every market is different, and application fees are more accepted in some areas than others. This is why we leave the choice to you. If you have a large residential portfolio (more than 6 properties), we offer a range of screening packages. All prices are competitive, and certain packages offer volume discounts. Whatever you needs, tenant screening paid by tenant can work for your Durham North Carolina properties.

If you need help selecting which services are best for you, give Tenant Screening Center a call today at 1-800-523-2381! We will discuss your rental units and make recommendations. Let us work for you to protect your investment. Tenant screening also works great for screening potential sublets, which are common in university areas. Let your tenants do the work to find summer sublets, but make sure to verify that the potential subtenants are a good risk. And this tenant screening can be paid for by your current tenant at a much lower price than rent on their unit while they are away from Durham North Carolina for the summer or a semester abroad.

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