Tenant Screening Paid by Tenant Houston Texas

Tenant Screening Paid by Tenant Houston TexasRent out your properties with confidence using tenant screening paid by tenant Houston Texas. Tenant Screening Center offers a range of convenient and reasonably priced screening tools to help landlords rent with confidence. Whether your property is a multi building office park, or you are looking to rent out a single room in your home to help make your mortgage payment, we have a solution that will bring you peace of mind. As part of the application process for your unit, you can choose to have a credit report paid by tenant. Potential tenants often prefer to pay for screening services directly, rather than paying an application fee. With our tenant direct pay products, the applicant has access to the information as well as the potential landlord. This way, the potential tenant gets some value, which they do not when paying a traditional application fee.

At Tenant Screening Center, we listen to feedback from our clients. We have found that landlords with different sizes of rental unit portfolios have different needs. That is why we have developed six tiers of residential screening products and special packages for commercial landlords. We have specialized products just for small residential landlords (5 or fewer units) and even for homeowners renting out a single room. For larger landlords, we have several screening packages at different prices. Choose what is best for you – and note that some packages have bulk pricing. If you choose to not have a credit report paid by tenant, you can choose to have an application fee or just bear the nominal cost yourself.

A rigorous screening process will save you money in the long run – the losses from even a single problem tenant can run into the tens of thousands of dollars. Do not become a cautionary tale! Give us a call today to see how tenant screening paid by tenant can protect your Houston Texas properties, at a low price. Or if you know what product you want and are ready to get started, you can do everything on our convenient website, 24/7.

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