Tenant Screening Paid by Tenant Norfolk

Tenant Screening Paid by Tenant NorfolkIf you are having a tough time finding an applicant with the right qualifications, you may benefit from tenant screening paid by tenant in Norfolk. Most companies take on the costs of a background check themselves, which can add up over time if you have to reject unqualified applicants. By putting the financial responsibility of screening on the potential tenant, you have a better chance at weaning out the applicants who won’t pass the checks. Even by saving this cost, you still have other commitments that you need to maintain while searching. Maintenance, advertising and showing your property takes away from the time you would usually spend screening new candidates for the area. That is where the Tenant Screening Center comes in.

We strive to find the right person to inhabit your property through a background check paid by tenant. Our background check covers a wide variety of information, including criminal records, OFAC/Patriot Act and sex offender records, eviction records, bankruptcies, liens, and judgments. We also search to validate employment records and credit history, ensuring that the person that wants to rent a unit on your property is reliable and responsible. When we help you find an applicant that meets your requirements, you lessen the chances of conflict over violations of the rental agreement, or payment of the rent.

We are available to speak with you online or via phone, at 1-800-523-2381, six days a week, with office hours from 8:00am to 6:00pm on weekdays, and 10:00am to 3:00pm on Saturdays. We only need to have one meeting with you to go over our affordable fees and our available services, in addition to tenant screening paid by tenant in Norfolk. With over 35,000 satisfied clients to date, we are ready to help you find the perfect tenant to add to your community, while you focus on running your company.

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