Tenant Screening Paid by Tenant Palm Desert

Tenant Screening Paid by Tenant Palm DesertPalm Desert property managers know that a tenant screening paid by tenant is an vital piece of information in choosing your next renters. When you bring on new tenants, you want to be sure they will be responsible people who will abide by the terms set forth in your rental agreement and keep your relationship professional and stress-free. No one wants to deal with issues like late or non-payment, early lease termination, or even property damage, but these are all possibilities when renting out your space. You can help protect yourself against these possibilities with tenant screening services that give you insight into an applicant’s financial background and public records history.

When you select a professional company to perform tenant screening, you expect integrity and professionalism. We take it a step further by offering the option for a credit report paid by tenant, which gives them more control over the especially sensitive data included on that report. With this, you get to see major information from their credit report while the prospective tenant retains control over access. Even with services like a national database check, we strive to ensure all data is reported accurately and handled securely.

A tenant screening paid by tenant is especially useful in Palm Desert because it prevents you from losing money before the rental agreement is even reached, and the information delivered in the report can help to protect you and your property. You have the opportunity to learn more about your prospective tenants on paper, to see if they are the kind of person you can trust with your rental unit. Financial history and court records can tell a lot about a person, so with a thorough screening you can be confident about the contract your new renters sign.

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