Tenant Screening Paid by Tenant Palm Springs

Tenant Screening Paid by Tenant Palm SpringsWhen you bring on new renters in Palm Springs, a tenant screening paid by tenant will help you choose the right people. Screening your tenants can reveal valuable information that you may not otherwise discover until it’s too late — an unnecessary risk. With services from TSC you have the ability to delve into your applicants’ financial and legal histories without having to expend the time and effort required to unearth that information.

Many types of tenant screening reports are available. With a simple national database check you can find out your applicant’s criminal and court records, information about judgments and liens, and Social Security verification. A tenant scorecard will offer financial insight, with information on bankruptcies, collections and delinquencies, and a pass/fail credit report. For property managers and landlords with multiple spaces to rent, we offer a combination of all the above plus a fully detailed credit report to be stored on-site. If you have commercial property you can also receive business reports. If you aren’t interested in keeping the credit reports locally, a credit report paid by tenant gives them control of their sensitive data while granting you access to review it. You can even have the entire tenant screening paid by tenant right from the comfort of your office in Palm Springs.

With these tools at your fingertips you have the ability to select people who will be responsible tenants. For over 30 years landlords across the nation have trusted TSC to screen prospective tenants quickly and efficiently. Don’t spend hours on the internet searching for information — let us deliver it to you.

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