Tenant Screening Paid by Tenant Phoenix

Tenant Screening Paid by Tenant PhoenixIf you have space in Phoenix available for rent, a tenant screening paid by tenant will be an invaluable resource in moving your property off the market. You want to strike a balance between making a return on your investment and protecting it, and screening your applicants before signing an agreement can help you achieve that.

Tenant screening services offer you insight into an applicant’s background — from Social Security validation to criminal records. This information at your fingertips can help you evaluate whether this applicant is the right person to trust with your property. TSC offers a variety of screening services so you can choose how much information you feel is necessary. A simple credit report paid by tenant gives you a quick overview of their financial data, while more in-depth information like court records, delinquency notices, and previous evictions paint a more detailed picture of their rental history. Whatever type of reports you choose, know that we handle all data securely and sensitively.

Getting a tenant screening paid by tenant for your Phoenix property can be especially useful because it saves you the hassle of collecting their information and allows the applicant to retain control of the dissemination of their data. The trust established at the very beginning of the transaction will help to strengthen the relationship between landlord and tenant, another way to help ensure the security of your property. Don’t allow just anyone to rent your property — get to know your prospective tenants first, both in-person and on paper.

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