Tenant Screening Paid by Tenant Portland OR

Tenant Screening Paid by Tenant Portland ORTenant Screening paid by tenant Portland OR can be a great way to fill your high demand rentals fast. The Portland area is a hot rental market, due to a strong job market and great cultural amenities. This presents opportunities, but also challenges, for owners of rental properties. Many prospective tenants are new arrivals to the area and do not have local references. While verifying local references can be challenging, verifying out of state references is nearly impossible to do accurately. That is where Tenant Screening Center comes in. We offer a wide range of tenant screening services to landlords of all sizes and types. Whether you need a basic tenant credit report or a comprehensive background check, we are thorough, fast, and affordable.

How does tenant screening paid by tenant work and how can it help you fill your Portland OR vacancy? Tenant Screening Center cuts out the middle man – the interested tenant orders and pays for the credit report directly with us. The fee is nominal and considerably lower than most apartment application fees. The applicant then provides you, the property owner, access to the new tenant screening report. Your prospective tenant gets the peace of mind of knowing that their personal information is safe and secure. The report is generated quickly so you can make your decision and, hopefully, an offer to your newly screened and verified tenant.

Once the tenant screening paid by tenant is complete you can potentially have a lease signed in hand on the spot and fill your Portland OR unit. And, as a bonus, you can offer the fee as a refund with a signed lease. This is a great incentive for the tenant you have selected to select you as well. You get peace of mind that you have chosen a great tenant, and they get a free rental credit report to keep. Contact Tenant Screening Center today to learn more about this and our other quality and affordable verification services.

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