Tenant Screening Paid by Tenant San Diego

Tenant Screening Paid by Tenant San DiegoTenant screenings paid by tenants in San Diego are available right now through Tenant Screening Center, the nation’s top provider of reports on prospective renters for landlords. We are listed first in The Landlord’s Handbook: A Complete Guide to Managing Small Investment Properties, because we offer reliable, guaranteed services that landlords need. We provide business verifications so that you can rent to businesses with secure histories and honest applications. A business’s financial history will let you know whether or not the business makes payments on times and/or has debt. Your goal as a landlord is to find renters who are going to stay in your property for an agreed-upon amount of time, and who are going to pay their rent on time, every time.

Getting credit reports paid by tenants is a practical step you can take to make sure your financial future is secure. After all, if your clients are pay on time as agreed, you will not have to worry about meeting your own financial obligations or finding new tenants. We offer a wide range of services. There is a whole spectrum of reports you can choose to run on your prospects. Some of them include: payment records and credit scores, bankruptcy records, collection/delinquency records, eviction/landlord court records, judgments/liens records, and business reports.

Tenant screenings paid by tenants in San Diego let you know exactly what you’re getting when you sign a lease with a new person or business. Tenant screenings can make or break your property management business, so be sure to choose a reliable source for your reports. At Tenant Screening Center, we are serious about screenings. We know the business, because we’ve been practicing since 1985. Please call us today at 707-578-5533 or 800-523-2381 if you have questions, and check out our website for full price lists and service comparison charts. We also offer a number of free legal forms on our website as well, which comply with California regulations, codes, and case law.

In addition to credit reports paid by tenants, you can get: a Nationwide Evictions Search, a Nationwide Criminal Search, a Nationwide Sex Offender Search, a check of the Terrorist Watch List (OFAC/Patriot Act), a Social Security Number Validation, a Social Security Death Index Check, and Validations of Applicant Name, Address, and Previous Address. Check out our site today. We look forward to working with you and making the rental system work in your favor!

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