Tenant Screening Paid by Tenant San Francisco

Tenant Screening Paid by Tenant San FranciscoIf you’re looking for tenant screening paid by the tenant in San Francisco, you need to know about Tenant Screening Center. We are landlords’ most trusted source for verification of potential tenants in the country. That’s why we’re listed first in the country by the Landlord’s Handbook. We have over 30 years of nationwide experience—since we opened up shop in 1985—and more than 35,100 satisfied customers under our belt. We offer credit reports paid by the tenant so you can be confident in your assessment of a potential renter!

We have the services you need to fit your needs when you want tenant screening paid by tenants in San Francisco. In fact, we have almost whatever you can think of. With a QuickScreen, prospects complete the screening process online by themselves and you can receive an email notification, so there’s no delay in the rental process. This service allows you to screen all prospective renters at no cost to you, and at a very low price to the prospects. They can pay online for the tenant screening by credit or debit. Because the process is simple and painless, prospects are more likely to follow through and you’re more likely to get the best renters to wind up at your property!

Other options include a National Data Check and a Tenant Scorecard, both of which do not require a site visit. Commercial and residential services are available, and offer thorough screenings that do require an on-site visit first. The purpose of this on-site visit is to verify that the account holder is able to securely manage the confidential credit information that comes up in tenant screenings. Its main advantage is discount pricing and verification of a prospective tenant’s previous landlord and current employment. We charge once for this service rather than require an annual subscription like our competitors. These latter two services offer a full spectrum of records: bankruptcy records, eviction/landlord court records, judgments/liens records, society security number verification, applicant fraud detection, criminal records, and business reports. Discount pricing is available for some services. Get your credit report paid by the tenant today. View a full price list and comparison chart on our website, or call us today at 707-578-5533 or 800-523-2381. We want to make the rental and property management business work for you, by ensuring you rent to the best possible prospects.

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