Tenant Screening Paid by Tenant San Jose

Tenant Screening Paid by Tenant San JoseAs a landlord you may need tenant screening paid by tenants in San Jose, and the obvious choice for your reporting needs is Tenant Screening Center! We’ve been in the business since 1985, so we know how to get the information you need in a way that works for you and your tenants. We have a full range of screening services so you can choose the services suited to your unique needs. Do you rent residential or commercial property? How many tenants do you have? View a full price list and tenant screening comparison chart on our website. Some services require an on-site visit for legal reasons, to ensure that account holders are qualified to manage the sensitive credit information that is a part of checking credit reports and the like. There is a $65 fee associated with this service, for a one-time site inspection. This step allows you to access the full range of records you’ll need to verify that you’re renting to a trustworthy prospect. Some services offered are: society security number verification, applicant fraud detection, criminal records, bankruptcy records, collection/delinquency records, eviction/landlord court records, judgments/liens records, and business reports. Find out every piece of necessary information you need to know in order to verify that tenants are suitable based on credit reports paid by tenants.

Credit reports paid by tenants are a great way to ensure you’re renting to a reliable individual or business. Tenant Screening Center is the most trusted name in the tenant screening industry nationwide. That’s why we’re listed first in the The Landlord’s Handbook: A Complete Guide to Managing Small Investment Properties. This trusted book is a guide for landlords that instructs them on all aspects of the business. Tenant screenings paid by tenants in San Jose are a practical asset to your business. We at TSC would love to help you with this process today, so please call us at 707-578-5533 or 800-523-2381.

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