Tenant Screening Paid by Tenant Santa Fe

Tenant Screening Paid by Tenant Santa FeAre you a landlord in Santa Fe that seeks a prospective tenant screening paid by tenant that includes a credit report paid by tenant? The experts at Tenant Screening Center can meet all of your tenant paid rental screening needs. Throughout our 30 years of experience as the leader in our business, we have conducted over a million background checks. We provide detailed and accurate reports to landlords that include information on your prospective tenant’s history with rental properties, eviction, employment, and finances. We will direct bill the prospective tenant, leaving you with no out of pocket costs. Our screening services are available for both commercial and residential leasing.

Find the Ideal Tenant with TSCI

Tenant Screening Center has helped numerous satisfied Santa Fe landlords secure a tenant screening paid by tenant that also includes a detailed credit report paid by tenant. You will be able to select your new tenants with total confidence and peace of mind thanks to our detailed, accurate, and thorough reports. You can receive a basic background check for as little as $17.50, and ranging up to $51.50 for our extremely helpful deluxe package. The detailed deluxe package includes all the information you need on your prospective tenant, including employment verification, credit report with credit score, eviction history, credit card debt and defaults, and much more. Our extensive experience has allowed us to become the total authority you seek to select the most ideal and respectful tenants.

Let Tenant Screening Center help you every time you need a tenant screening paid by tenant for your Santa Fe property. We can help you today.

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