Tenant Screening Paid by Tenant Tampa

Tenant Screening Paid by Tenant TampaTenant Screening Center offers reliable and convenient tenant screening paid by tenant Tampa. We understand that preparing, advertising, and showing rental units can take up enough of your time, leaving little time for investigating potential tenants. However, making a mistake and renting to the wrong person can be incredibly costly. Cursory reference checks are often unreliable; too often the prospective tenant asks friends or family members to provide deceptive references. Telling the difference between real reference and fake ones can be difficult and time consuming. Get peace of mind and avoid potentially costly mistakes with a credit report paid by tenant.

Trust TSCI for your Screening Need

We understand that properly vetting business tenants can be difficult. Often, businesses that are looking for office, retail, or production space are new and references are hard to come by. Tenant Screening Center offers a special package to meet these needs. Our business report includes a business credit report, evictions search, and state verification of business. This also includes a mini credit report on one principal party in the business – while the business may fail even with a responsible owner due to market conditions, how a person handles their personal affairs is usually reflected in their professional behavior. This screening which including a credit report can be paid by the prospective tenant; a small application fee can cover the Tenant Screening Center service. As a bonus, a tenant who is unwilling to pay a small fee is often not serious about the unit, or is afraid of what a credit and records check might uncover. Many property owners choose to credit back the application fee upon the signing of the lease. This allows you to weed out problem tenants without penalizing the right ones.

Tenant Screening Center is ready for your call Monday through Friday, 11 am to 9 pm Eastern Standard time. We also have Saturdays hours from 1 to 6 pm Eastern Standard Time at our Santa Rosa, California office. Need more information about our products and services? We would be happy to give you a customized consultation. Give us a call, and we will let you know how tenant screening paid by tenant works for Tampa landlords.

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