Tenant Screening Paid by Tenant West Palm Beach Florida

Tenant Screening Paid by Tenant West Palm Beach FloridaTenant screening paid by tenant West Palm Beach Florida is one of many great solutions for landlords. Let Tenant Screening Center show you how we can work for you. Tenant Screening Center is a premier provider of screening services to landlords nationwide. With our unparalleled experience, great customer service, and access to the most comprehensive national databases available, we are here to help. We offer a number of tenant screening packages for residential property portfolios of all sizes, and even for commercial properties such as stores and offices. A credit report paid by tenant is just one of the convenient and affordable services we offer.

Many landlords have tried requiring an application fee before considering a potential tenant, with mixed results. While an application fee can discourage unqualified or not very serious applicants, it can also put off some good potential tenants. Unethical landlords are out there, and many potential tenants have heard of scams involving application fees. Tenant Screening Center allows serious and qualified applicants to purchase the credit report themselves, assuring them that the landlord is not profiting off of excess application fees. The landlord is then given access to the information – and, as a bonus, the applicant gets a free credit report and a chance to explain any issues. Some landlords choose to credit the low application fee for the credit report paid by the tenant back when she signs a lease and puts down a deposit. We know that every market is different, so we leave the final decision up to you. Whether the tenant screening is paid by the tenant or the landlord in West Palm Beach Florida, the screening cost is very affordable and the process is easy and all online.

Tenant Screening Center offers more than credit reports. We have access to a number of different national databases, and can verify many pieces of vital information (such as identity and employment information). You can browse our products and pricing on our website, or give us a call for more information. Tenant screening paid by tenant can work to protect your investment in West Palm Beach Florida, and at an affordable price. Do not delay, get peace of mind with our affordable solutions today.

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