Tenant Screening Palm Springs

Tenant Screening Palm SpringsLooking for quality tenant screening services in Palm Springs? For 30 years Tenant Screening Center has been synonymous with experience and integrity, providing landlords and property managers with comprehensive rental history and financial information for rental applicants. The information we provide helps you avoid problematic tenant experiences, from missed rent payments to significant property damage that can occur with irresponsible renters. Your building is an investment you should protect, and renting to trustworthy, upstanding people helps you do just that. A thorough rental background check will also secure your tenants’ peace of mind, knowing their fellow residents are held to the same high standards.

With any of our rental background checks you can expect to receive accurate, relevant information no matter what level of material you choose. An instantly-available data check will net you criminal, judgment, and eviction records, or we can provide a pass/fail credit report with limited financial information. For a more thorough check a private investigator can obtain a full credit report and score along with detailed financial history and court records. With every report we strive for excellence, gathering as much information as we can to present to you and ensuring its accuracy before release.

TSC provides tenant screening services for both residential and commercial properties in Palm Springs. You can be sure that every report you receive from us is carefully assembled with the most data we could obtain, giving you the best picture of an applicant’s background and history. We ensure all the sensitive information we work with is treated with the utmost security so your tenants are safe in the knowledge that their data was handled delicately. The business transaction between landlord and tenant is forged on trust and our goal is to strengthen that foundation while helping you choose the tenants that fit your property best.

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