Tenant Screening Queen Ann

Tenant Screening Queen AnnAs a Queen Ann landlord, you know that tenant screening is a vital part of the rental process, but it can also be a lengthy one. Combing through public records, tracking down rental history and previous addresses, and searching national databases are all time-consuming and often frustrating tasks. Let us do the work for you.

Accurate rental background checks are a priority, to be sure — you want to be sure your information is correct and current so you can make the best decision possible. With the possibility of late or missed payments, property damage, and eviction all too real, it’s your prerogative to ensure that prospective tenants are well-qualified to enter into a rental agreement with you. Luckily, Lower Queen Ann landlords and property managers have dozens of resources to assist them in making those assurances — almost too many resources. Sifting through dozens of lines in multiple databases can eat up valuable time and labor on your part, so why not let the professionals handle it? For 30 years we’ve assisted landlords and property managers in screening applicants.

With TSC taking care of the tenant screening, you’re free to meet with everyone interested in your Queen Ann property and focus on your other duties. With our services, you can choose how much or little information want to receive. Don’t spend time and effort searching for little to no data when a professional company can do it for you. We deliver reports securely and quickly so you don’t have to wait, and you can be sure you have the best information possible, 100% guaranteed!

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