Tenant Screening Reno Nevada

Tenant Screening Reno NevadaOne of the biggest challenges as a landlord is finding responsible tenants to rent to, which is why you should consider a tenant screening for your Reno, Nevada property. At Tenant Screening Inc., we bring 30 years of nationwide experience to the table. There’s a reason we’re listed as number one in the country by The Landlord’s Handbook – because we deliver results for great rates.

Irresponsible tenants are notorious for missing payments, ending leases early, or even causing damage to properties. We know you’ve heard stories about them – perhaps you’ve even encountered such tenants yourself! It can be frustrating not knowing where to turn when you keep getting bad tenant after bad tenant. That’s where we come in. Our rental background checks are a must when leasing or renting out a property. With the help of national databases and private investigators, we’ll assemble as much information as we can find.

When performing a tenant screening in Reno, Nevada, you have the option to choose from a variety of reports. For instance, if you just need a detailed credit report with the renter’s full financial history, we can provide a specialized report catering to those needs.

Our costs are reasonable and can easily be included in the cost of a rental application to ease your financial burden. Keep your assets and property safe, and save yourself future headaches by choosing us to perform tenant screening and background checks for your property. Give us a call today to find out more about the services we offer!

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