Tenant Screening Salisbury Oaks IA

As a landlord or property manager in Salisbury Oaks IA, you likely understand the value of tenant screening. Screening applicants ensures you have the information you need to select the best tenant possible. Our tenant screening services are comprehensive and designed to save you time, money, and hassle. Screening applicants on your own takes up valuable time that you could be spending on other aspects of property management. With our services, you have access to online reporting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without the need to do any research for yourself. With over 35 years of expertise in the tenant screening industry and over 35,000 clients around the nation, you can feel confident you’re receiving accurate, in-depth reports. Tenant Screening Center is the first listing in the Landlord’s Handbook – and for good reason.

Tenant Screening Salisbury Oaks

By using our tenant screening services, you can avoid selecting an applicant who has a problematic rental history or financial trouble. Whether you’re interested in a tenant credit report or a tenant background check, we have a variety of options to fit your needs and budget. We offer everything from complete packages to standalone reports, so you can select only the reports you’re interested in. Our tenant credit report includes details on credit history, rental history, and the applicant’s overall credit score. We also include a financial summary to help you better analyze and evaluate the applicant’s financial situation. Using our credit report, you can determine an applicant’s reliability as well as whether they will be able to afford to pay the rent on time.

High-Quality Service

Many of our clients have been with us for decades. We take pride in the accuracy of our reports and our exceptional customer service. We consistently receive excellent reviews, like this one from Anne W.:

“I’ve been a landlord for 31 years and have been using TSC for decades. The whole team is very professional, extremely responsive, and always willing to explain something hard to grasp about how to read a report. I highly recommend TSC!”

We also offer screening for mobile home parks, commercial buildings, as well as RentalConnect, which puts the cost of screening onto your applicants. With our screening services, you can feel confident you’re choosing the best applicant for your property. There’s no need to spend time searching only to receive limited information or making a judgment call based on your gut. Protect your Salisbury Oaks IA property and get the peace of mind you deserve with accurate, in-depth reports. Order your reports online or feel free to reach out to us at 1-800-523-2381.