Tenant Screening San Francisco

Rest Easier With Quality Tenant Screening

Tenant Screening San FranciscoTrusting someone to rent your property is a big leap for landlords. One of the best ways to build this trust is to perform a rental screening of all applicants. Tenant screening in San Francisco can help ensure that renters have a clean rental history and criminal record. Performing a detailed screening can take a lot of effort, so if time and human resources are issues, there are screening services and private investigators available to do the work for you.

Services Performed

Companies that perform tenant screening in San Francisco can check a number of different things, depending on the situation and size of the rental property. Rental background checks may include:

Services Available

Depending on the circumstances, you can choose from different reports for your tenant screening in San Jose. Rental background checks may include:

  • Bankruptcy records
  • Payment records
  • Partial or full credit report
  • Landlord court/eviction records
  • Delinquency/collection records
  • Social security number verification
  • Judgments/liens records
  • Business reports, including UCC filings and tax limits
  • Criminal records
  • Applicant fraud detection

Choosing the Right Company

Just as important as choosing the right tenant is choosing the right company to perform the rental background checks. For tenant screening in San Francisco, look for an established company that has a good reputation, as they have sensitive information that needs to be treated with integrity. Whether you have residential or commercial property, look for a company that can deliver results quickly and is available for any questions.

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