Tenant Screening San Jose

Ensure Quality Renters With Proper Screening

Tenant Screening San JoseWhile finding the perfect tenant is important, it can also be challenging for the landlord. Carrying out a tenant screening in San Jose will take a little time and money, but it is usually worth it in the long run. In order to reserve your time and human resources for other things, consider hiring a company to perform rental background checks. They can be done for both commercial and residential rental properties, and can prevent a lot of issues.

Importance of Screening

Doing a background check on potential renters is significant for a number of reasons. It is important to know if tenants have previously paid their rent in full and on time, and if they are financially prepared to afford the rent on a month to month basis. It is also good to know if they have ever been evicted from a property or if they have a criminal past that may be detrimental to the community and property.

Services Available

Depending on the circumstances, you can choose from different reports for your tenant screening in San Jose. Rental background checks may include:

  • Credit report
  • Credit score
  • Payment records
  • Collection records
  • Bankruptcy records
  • Eviction/landlord court records
  • Verification of social security number
  • Name verification
  • Lien records
  • Applicant fraud detection
  • Criminal background
  • Business reports for commercial renters

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