Tenant Screening Services Arizona

Tenant Screening Services ArizonaQualified tenant screening services in Arizona will help landlords and property managers protect their properties and find the best tenants for their units. How? By revealing details about applicants that tell a complete story, from eviction history to credit reports to criminal background. When you screen tenants, you’re collecting the details you need to make an informed choice about who will live in your properties. This protects you, your finances, and your rental home or apartment. With the range of rental background checks available today, there’s really no reason to skip over this often vital step.

The Best Way to Screen Tenants

At Tenant Screening Center, Inc., we’ve spent years building our business on providing great customer services and useful screening for landlords and property managers. We offer a variety of screening packages so you can find something that meets your exact needs and fits the budget of your applicants. One of our most highly recommended programs is RentalConnect, which includes a criminal background check, eviction history, credit report, and application for a $39.95 fee paid by the prospective tenant. These tenant screening services will give Arizona landlords the tools and information they need to select the best match for their properties, whether they’re renting single-family homes or apartments. Whether you need a simple pass/fail credit report or a full report to screen tenants and feel secure in your choice, we can help. A credit report can give you valuable insight into an applicant’s money management, while criminal background checks and eviction history tells you whether a tenant caused trouble at previous residences.

Whatever your needs, we’re here to support you. In addition to tenant screening services in Arizona, we also maintain a blog that we regularly update with advice and guidance for tenant selection, how to read credit reports, how to advertise to students or young professionals, and more. You’ll also find dozens of free forms available for download right here on our site. If you have any questions, please reach out today!

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