Tenant Screening Services Florida

Tenant Screening Services FloridaFinding tenant screening services in Florida isn’t difficult when you know where to look. All you have to do is visit Tenant Screening Center online! Gone are the days where you need to carry around paperwork, track down tenants, and pay for everything. TSC has a new and improved way to screen tenants completely online! We offer tenant credit reports, background checks for tenants, eviction histories, criminal records, and more. For over thirty years we have been a trusted name in rental background checks, and we look forward to working with you to find the right tenants for your space.

Find the Best Renters with Tenant Screening

Tenant screening services are invaluable for your Florida rentals. By receiving information about your possible future renter, even a straightforward pass/fail credit report can enlighten you. Having more information about the applicant provides a clearer picture of who they are and how they might treat your property. By using a screening service for tenant credit reports, you will get a higher quality pool of applications. People who apply through the service want to rent from you specifically, while people with a more checkered past will purposefully shy away from most screenings. By including the screening fee with the application fee, you decrease the number of people that apply that have no interest in actually renting. This saves you time from weeding out the looky-loos!

Tenant Screening Center provides a full spectrum of tenant screening services for our Florida clients. One of our most popular programs is RentalConnect. This comprehensive service includes eviction history, credit report, criminal background check, and application in a an affordable package for $39.95, paid for by the applicant. This gives you vital information in making a rental decision. If you have any questions about RentalConnect or our other services, please reach out. We’re happy to help!

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