Tenant Screening Services Missouri

Tenant Screening Services MissouriFinding good tenant screening services for your Missouri properties is as easy as visiting us right here online. Not only will you find tons of advice on our blog, you’ll also have access to dozens of free forms and a variety of screening packages that include background checks for tenants, eviction history, a tenant credit report, and much more. For years, we’ve worked hard to support landlords and property managers throughout the United States, and we look forward to working with you, too.

Protect your Properties with Tenant Screening

In our experience, there’s just no denying that tenant screening services are one of the best ways to protect your properties in Missouri and elsewhere. Even a simple pass/fail credit report can change the entire way you receive and view applications. Often, landlords have trouble with applicants who are no-shows or are just casting a wide net and aren’t actually serious about the property. When you use a screening service, you’ll find that you receive higher quality applications from people who actually want to rent from you, specifically. People with checkered histories will shy away from most screenings, and when you include the screening fee with the application fee and have it paid by the renter, you decrease the number of fly-by applications you receive.

Using background checks for tenants helps you get a well-rounded picture of who will be the best fit for your property. Routine screenings can tell you a whole lot about a person, from whether they have a troublesome criminal record and eviction history to whether they have a history of non-payment or are recovering from recent financial hardship. Altogether, this information helps you make an educated decision about who to place in your rentals.

At Tenant Screening Services, Inc., we offer a range of screening packages to suit every need. One of our most popular programs is RentalConnect, which includes eviction history, credit report, criminal background check, and application all in one for an affordable $39.95 fee, which is paid by the applicant. It’ll tell you everything you need to know! If you have any other questions about tenant screening services in Missouri, please reach out today and let us know. We’re happy to help!

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