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Tenant Screening Services OregonUsing the right tenant screening services for your Oregon properties can make all the difference in the world between finding a great long-term tenant or a troublesome one. For seasoned landlords and property managers, experience shows time and time again that the best way to protect their property and save themselves from headaches is to screen tenants. Why? Because tenant screening can reveal valuable information about a prospective tenant’s eviction history, criminal background, credit score, and much more.

Unable to do Criminal Background Checks In Your Area? Please consider the following RentalConnect Reports:

Credit and Eviction

Credit, Eviction, Sex Offender, Employment/Landlord Verifications

Screen Tenants With Confidence

Common sense dictates that you don’t want to randomly select a tenant out of a hat, but when you allow people to rent your property without properly vetting them, that’s more or less what you’re doing. The odds may work out in your favor, or you may find yourself with damaged property or a non-paying tenant on your hands. This is why tenant screening services are so important for Oregon rentals — no matter where in the state they lived before applying for your rental, you want to make sure you know what you’re getting. Thankfully, we offer several levels of screening, from pass/fail credit checks to full reports, at affordable levels. Better yet, these reports are paid by the tenant as part of their application fee. One of our most popular programs, Rental Connect, gives you all the information you need to make an educated decision, including a credit report, eviction history, and criminal background check in addition to the application itself. All this is available for a very manageable $39.95 fee, which is paid by the applicant. There’s simply no better way to screen tenants.

Besides tenant screening services for Oregon properties, we also offer national checks and screening for most of the continental United States, as well as free forms available for download right here on our website. We also recommend subscribing to our blog for regular updates and advice, from reading VantageScore credit reports to accepting service dogs into your rental. We’re always happy to answer questions, so give us a call today!

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