Tenant Screening Services South Dakota

Tenant Screening Services South DakotaTenant Screening Center is the best choice for first-rate tenant screening services in South Dakota. There’s no reason to settle for less when TSCI can provide world-class customer service and comprehensive reports. These are two of the key factors in why a national publication, the Landlord’s Handbook, named us #1 in tenant screening! Some of the advantages to working with us for your rental background checks are:

  • Outstanding customer support
  • Fast service
  • Landlord verification
  • Local and national information

Responsive Customer Service from the Experts

When we say we have outstanding customer support, we stand by our word. We have a 24/7 live phone service so when you call, there’s always a helpful human to answer your call. Our tenant screening specialists work hard to provide tenant credit reports, background checks, eviction histories, and landlord verifications in a timely manner, because we know that time is money. Landlord verification is just one of the ways that we go above and beyond to provide you with fantastic tenant screening services in South Dakota. We actually call and check with landlords about past and current renters, ensuring you have eviction and past rental histories you can trust. We pull from a database with 2 billion records of local, regional, and national information. TSCI knows that when you order rental screening, you need fast and reliable service, with specialists that can help if you have any questions. That is precisely what we provide for our customers.

From our popular RentalConnect program to customizable reports, we have the tenant screening services landlords and property managers need in South Dakota. If you need fast tenant credit reports and background checks, turn to the experts. We have 30 years of expertise in the industry and continue to be the premier source for accurate reports, high touch customer service, and speed. Our mobile friendly website makes it easy to access necessary information from desktop and portable devices, and we offer completely online rental screening so you don’t have to worry about carrying paper files around. Get started with straightforward and fast tenant screening today.