Tenant Screening Services Virginia

Tenant Screening Services VirginiaWhen you need tenant screening services in Virginia, there’s only one provider you need to rely on. Tenant Screening Center is a reliable company that has been helping property managers and landlords find the right tenant for over thirty years. With the critical information a tenant credit report and background check provides, you are able to select the right applicant for your space.

Reliable Tenant Screening at No Cost to You

There are a lot of places offering tenant screening services in Virginia, but only a few are trustworthy businesses. Many don’t offer the information on the local and national level that you need, or miss crucial information. While they may offer “free” services that claim to offer outstanding credit checks, in the end these services end up giving you information you could have found online yourself. TSC offers far more than a generic online search. As an established service provider with access to information, we properly screen tenants to help you make the best decision on an applicant.

Many businesses offer little more than what you could find out through a Google search. TSC provides much more, at a cost that is free to you! Our RentalConnect program includes a background check, eviction history, tenant credit report, and application for a $39.95 fee, completely paid for by the tenant. There is no fee for landlords and property managers. No onsite visit, no setup fee, no paperwork to carry around! Our RentalConnect Program makes the process simple, while giving you the information you need to make an educated decision. Our tenant screening services allow you to make the best decision for your Virginia rentals. Whether you are leasing out apartments, houses, or a room in your home, you should have the information necessary to protect your property and ensure you find the best candidate. TSC offers you just that. Contact us today to get started!

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