Tenant Screening South Baton Rouge LA

Do you find yourself skipping tenant screening because it takes up too much of your time? Let Tenant Screening Center assist with your workload. We’ve been helping landlords and property managers across the nation select the best tenants since 1985. Our comprehensive reports are convenient, affordable, and available online 24/7. Whether you’d like a tenant background check or a bundled report package, our tenant screening reports fit a wide range of needs and budgets. Don’t leave your South Baton Rouge LA property unprotected! Order your screening today.

Tenant Screening South Baton Rouge LA

All rental housing professionals want to feel confident that they’ve selected the right tenant. Selecting the wrong tenant could become a costly mistake. They might cause expensive damages to your property or cause problems with the other residents. They may not pay their rent on time, or even worse, skip out on their rent entirely. No one wants to go through the long process of evictions or deal with the stress a bad tenant can cause. Our tenant screening services are the best way to protect your property and your peace of mind.

Learn About Your Tenant

Before you select an applicant, wouldn’t you like to understand how reliable they are? Whether they’re financially stable and pay their bills on time? Our tenant credit report helps you assess an applicant’s potential risk. You’ll be able to see their credit history, rental history, and credit score. Using these three key factors will give you an idea of how they conduct themselves financially. With a tenant background check, you’ll be able to further assess them as a renter. This report includes rental history, credit history, and employment history.

In addition to our full services, we also offer RentalConnect. This program is designed to relieve the expense of tenant screening reports. The applicant pays for the total fee of the reports you need and there are no membership fees. Like our other services, this can be accessed online 24/7. We also offer screening for mobile home parks, commercial buildings, and free resources for South Baton Rouge LA landlords and property managers.Order your reports online or contact us at 1-800-523-2381 today.