Tenant Screening St. Paul MN

Tenant Screening St. Paul MNTenant screening St. Paul MN does not have to take up hours of your valuable time! Let Tenant Screening Center do the legwork for you, while you are free to concentrate on running your business. We provide quick, thorough, and affordable new tenant background checks nationwide? How do we do it? Helping landlords screen potential tenants is all we do. We have access to powerful nationwide databases, and have developed customized tenant screening solutions for owners of all sizes and types of rental property. Where you are looking to fill a single in-law unit or a brand new office park, we have the product that is right for you.

Never select a new tenant without performing a thorough background and credit check. Often, property owners are tempted to skip new tenant background checks because they have had good luck in the past. Also, many landlords think that the worst outcome if they rent to the wrong tenant is a few missed rent payments, and then a vacant unit. As tenant screening specialists we have heard horror stories from about problem tenants in the St. Paul MN area and nationwide. Too often, new clients come to us after a negative experience with a tenant. We have heard of serious property damage, repeated police visits, and even the loss of other tenants due to noise, harassment, or the condition of the property.

Finding the Best Tenants for your Property

Your prospective tenants may be looking for a new rental unit for a variety of reasons. Moves due to job or school and life changes are the primary causes of relocation. However, a small minority of your prospective tenants are looking for a new place to live because they are not paying rent on, or even damaging, their existing unit. When you call to check their references, you may get their current landlord who will say anything to make them someone else’s problem. Trust your tenant screening to an impartial third party professional with access to thorough records in the St. Paul MN area. We will help you get the best possible tenant for your rental unit with quick, accurate, and affordable tenant screening services paid by the tenant.

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