Tenant Screening Swarthmore PA

Tenant Screening Swarthmore

Trust must be earned before it’s given. This is not only true for the renters you are screening but is also critical for tenant screening services that are offered in Swarthmore VA and across the country. At Tenant Screening Center, you can rely on the data provided by imperative screening services, such as a tenant credit report and tenant background check. We’ve earned the trust of clients since 1985 by increasing the odds that you choose renters who consistently make on-time payments and treat your property with respect. By giving you reliable information, we ensure you have a clear view of who you are offering a rental agreement to!

Importance Of A Credit Report

A tenant credit report is one of the most important tools a landlord or property manager carries in their toolbox. It offers a clear understanding of a renter’s financial stability and provides an abundance of information. You need to know if prospective renters have filed for bankruptcy. We also let you know if they’ve been late to pay rent, credit cards, student loans, or car payments. Further, we tell you if they’ve ever been evicted or have been involved in lawsuits such as personal injury claims.

It is also critical to know if they’ve been financially active enough to establish a credit history. Excellent renters do more than just pay the full amount on time. They also get along with neighbors and treat your property as if it were their own. By searching for past evictions and certifying employment, a tenant background check minimizes your risk as a property owner. Though these reports won’t 100% guarantee how a renter will perform, it can certainly stack the chances in your favor and provides hard data, allowing you to make an informed decision. We currently serve over 35,000 property managers, landlords, and other clients and also offer tenant verification, mobile home park screening, commercial tenant screening, and a host of other services.

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