Tenant Screening Troy MI

Tenant screening can be time-consuming for busy Troy MI landlords or property managers, but our services make it quick and easy. Our reports are accurate, comprehensive, and available online 24/7. Select the report or screening package you would like, and get peace of mind knowing you’re making the most informed decision. Since 1985, Tenant Screening Center has been the top choice for rental property screening nationwide. Order your tenant screening reports online today and see why we’ve remained the #1 listing in the Landlord’s Handbook.

Tenant Screening Troy MI

Whether you manage a single-family rental property or several multifamily units, it’s essential to find responsible tenants you can trust. Our tenant screening services give you access to accurate, reliable information that you can feel confident factoring into your decision. Our tenant credit report, for example, helps you determine an applicant’s ability to meet their financial obligations. You’ll be able to see if they have any inconsistencies in their credit history, their rental history, and their level of debt. Using these factors, you can assess whether they’ll be an asset for your property or a financial risk.

Other Benefits Of A Background Check

Likewise, a tenant background check gives you key information about their employment and eviction history. While every circumstance is different, an applicant with a history of being evicted could be a red flag. Having this information available allows you to discuss the matter with the applicant – or rule them out entirely. Similarly, tenants with a spotty or inconsistent work history may not be the best candidates. This could signal that the person is generally unreliable or that they will have financial difficulty consistently paying rent on time. In addition to our tenant credit report and background checks, we also offer:

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