Tenant Screening University Heights IA

Conducting tenant screening on your own can be time-consuming and may not always lead to accurate or complete information. Using tenant screening services from Tenant Screening Center is your best bet for finding responsible tenants who will treat your University Heights IA property with respect. Since 1985, landlords and property managers across the nation have relied on us to make informed decisions on who to rent to. Our in-depth accurate reports are available online 24/7, so you can access them around your schedule. Whether you need a tenant background check or a tenant credit report, we have several levels of screening available to fit your needs and budget.

Tenant Screening University Heights

As a property manager or landlord, you probably know how important it is to screen applicants. Tenants can make or break your business. Finding a great tenant who takes care of your property, pays rent on time, and stays long-term is priceless. A bad tenant can be an endless headache. They may skip out on rent, cause damage to your property, or create problems with neighboring tenants. Not only is this financially and emotionally difficult to deal with, but it can be very time consuming – especially if you need to evict them.

Benefits Of An Accurate Report

A tenant credit report and background checks are ideal for assessing an applicant’s financial stability and reliability. We offer comprehensive reports which include information from the National Criminal Database and National Rental Records Database. Unlike other tenant screening companies, we include a financial summary in our credit reports. This helps you analyze the data so you have the clearest understanding of how your applicant manages their credit. Those with late payments and defaults in their credit history pose a greater financial risk, while those who pay their bills on time are more likely to be stable renters. You can also assess whether the applicant will be able to cover rent payments regularly in addition to their other financial obligations.

In addition, we also offer mobile home park screening, commercial tenant screening, and a variety of other services and resources for University Heights IA properties. Place your order online, or feel free to contact us with any questions at 1-800-523-2381.