Tenant Screening Uptown LA

Uptown LA landlords and property managers can save time and hassle by getting their tenant screening conducted through Tenant Screening Center. Doing your own screenings takes time, and often the information available is limited. We’ve been providing accurate, reliable screenings for rental housing professionals across the nation since 1985. Our reports can be tailored to your needs, whether you’d just like a tenant credit report or a bundled multi-report package. They’re accurate, affordable, and available online 24/7. We also offer RentalConnect, which allows you to defer the cost of tenant screening to your applicants. Save time and safeguard your property by ordering your comprehensive tenant screening today.

Whether you own a single rental property or manage a large multifamily unit, you know how important it is to be able to trust your tenants. Trust isn’t the only factor in selecting tenants, however. You also need to know the tenants you choose are reliable. Using our tenant screening services, you can feel confident you’re making the most informed decision. Our tenant credit report is an ideal way to have a better understanding of an applicant’s financial situation. It includes credit history, rental history, and credit score. You’ll also receive a financial summary to help you evaluate the applicant’s financial situation more easily.

Reliable Tenant Background Checks

Tenant Screening Uptown LA

With a tenant background check, you can explore the applicant’s employment and rental history. Employment history is vital to understanding how financially stable the applicant is. Someone with a spotty work history may represent a financial risk. This could indicate that they have difficulty holding a job and would have trouble paying rent consistently or on time. Likewise, a history of eviction could be a red flag.

We also offer screenings for mobile home parks, commercial buildings, as well as RentalConnect, which defers the cost of screening onto your applicants. With our screening services, you can feel confident you’re choosing the best applicant for your Uptown LA property. Order your reports online or feel free to reach out to us at 1-800-523-2381.