Tenant Verification Services

Why You Should Screen a Business Before You Rent Property

Do you rent property to businesses? If so, then you understand the pressure that comes with keeping a building occupied. A full building benefits all businesses, and it can increase the appeal of the property. While there is usually pressure to rent to anyone, it is risky to accept tenants who are less likely to honor the agreements of the rental contract. For this reason, many property owners use tenant verification services before renting space.

Verify the Business

When you perform a renter screening, you can verify the business that is interested in renting property. Make sure the information they provided on the application is consistent with this report. It is usually not a good idea to rent to people with fake business names or faulty information.

Credit History

With the help of tenant verification services, you can also receive a business credit report. This report provides you with an overview of the business’s financial activities. You will be able to determine if they have make payments on time and how much debt they have. This information can help you find stable renters who are likely to pay their bills.

Through renter screening, you can ensure that every business that rents property from you is a good fit. This can help you have peace of mind about meeting your financial obligations, and it is often reassuring for the other tenants who rent space at the building.