Top Tenant Screening Services

If you’re a busy landlord or property manager, finding reputable nationwide top tenant screening services can save you valuable time, money, and hassle. By having us run credit or background checks, you can rest easy knowing that you’re receiving the most professional best rated tenant screening services available and selecting tenants that are the best match for your property. Spending time screening tenants takes a lot of work – but we make it easy! Since 1985, we’ve been paving the way for the tenant screening industry! Order your screening services today and find out what makes us the best rated tenant screening services nationwide!

Top Tenant Screening Services

Using the latest in technology and the most comprehensive data bases, we’ll quickly and efficiently help you weed out potentially problematic tenants and prevent troublesome legal issues or property damage. Utilizing top tenant screening services is one of the most effective ways to prevent tenant issues and make informed decisions about who to rent to. Screening is one of the best landlord practices; it allows you to protect your property, your reputation as a landlord or property manager, and provides extra security and comfort to your existing tenants.

We offer a wide range of tenant screening services and are dedicated to helping landlords and property managers more easily make decisions that will benefit them, their existing tenants, and their business. With a range of services and costs, you can easily find a single screening service or package that fits your individual needs and budget. Since we offer nationwide service, you can feel confident that no matter where your properties are located, you have the support and services you need. Let us find your ideal tenant while you focus on managing your property.

We also offer RentalConnect, a less expensive option for landlords or property managers who don’t require a full screening. It includes a credit report, a national criminal background check, and a national eviction report at the extremely cost-effective price of $39.95 which is included as an application fee paid by the tenant. It’s available online 24/7 and doesn’t require an onsite inspection, making it a fast and easy option. Select the best possible tenants, reduce your workload, and avoid troublesome issues by choosing the top tenant screening services available. Order your tenant screening services today!

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