Find a Property Management Company That Works Well with Landlords

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As you grow your business and become the landlord of multiple properties, you may feel it’s time to start seriously looking into a property management company that can help you maintain and find tenants for your properties. When you work with competent professionals who have experience maintaining various types of properties, you’ll find that your… Read more »

Your Rental Applicants Are Your Business Partners

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As a new landlord, you’re likely learning all the ropes you’ll need to begin a successful rental business. If there’s any straightforward advice we can give to people who are just starting out, it’s exactly that: make sure you’re running your business as a business. When you’re in a people-centric job like renting out property… Read more »

The Ultimate Moving Guide For Renters

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Summer is one of the busiest times of the year for making a move — the weather’s nice, school’s out for the kids, and leases are usually ending. If you’re preparing to make a move to a new rental in the coming months, you’re definitely not alone. Do you have your checklist ready to go?… Read more »

8 Ways to Create a Better Rental Ad

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You’ve worked hard to build your properties and your business into something great, and now it’s time to put them on the market and bring in renters. Awesome! However, you still have to create a compelling ad that will bring in your target tenants. This is easier said than done. An ad that misses the… Read more »

The Best New Year’s Resolutions For Landlords

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We’re already halfway through the first month of 2018! This is the point where a lot of people fall off the wagon with all of those lofty New Year’s resolutions they made only a few weeks ago, so there’s no better time to decide what you really want out of this year and stick to… Read more »

Benefits of Being a Landlord on Social Media

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We know you’ve probably heard all about social media — how it’s a great advertising tool, how it keeps you connected, and how it furthers your reach. As a local landlord, is it really worth it? We think so, depending on your area and other marketing. It can be a great addition to your marketing… Read more »

How to Keep Your Best Tenants

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As any good landlord knows, the first step in filling your rentals with quality tenants is a well-rounded screening and interview process. We’ve written extensively on both tenant screening and interviewing prospective tenants, so we know you’ve got that in the bag. So what comes next? You have great tenant who pays on time and… Read more »

New Credit Score Rules Are Here

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Starting this past Saturday (July 1st), a series of new credit score rules hit and people may already be noticing the difference in their scores. These changes affect all three of the major credit reporting databases, and we’ve written several posts discussing the new VantageScore approach and how it differs from FICO scores, if you’d… Read more »