Renter Credit Check

Why a Credit Check Can Help You Find Better Renters

If you own or manage property, then it is often beneficial to use tenant screening services to evaluate each prospective renter. A background check can provide you with helpful information so you know whether or not it is a good idea to sign the rental agreement. When you are screening each individual, it is a good idea to perform a renter credit check.


A credit check can help you determine the reliability of a prospective renter. Ideally, you want people to pay their rent on time and to avoid defaults. People with inconsistencies in their credit history represent a higher financial risk. On the other hand, those individuals who consistently pay their bills on time are likely to be stable renters.

Rental History

During a rental credit check, you may be able evaluate the rental history of the individual. Negative rental history may be reported through collection agencies or court judgement, though this is not necessarily common. If there is not an entire payment history, it is possible that defaults in rent will show up.


You can also evaluate the debts of a prospective renter during tenant screening services. Tenants with large debts can be riskier renters, especially if the rent is high.

When you perform a renter credit check, you will have a better understanding of a renter’s financial behavior. You can rent to people who are financially stable so you do not have to worry about missed rent payments.

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