What Happens When You Don’t Screen Tenants?

What Happens When You Don’t Screen Tenants?If you’ve ever tried to save a few bucks while filling a vacancy in your property, then surely you considered bypassing the tenant screening. It’s a simple task, often overlooked, but always necessary to protect your investment. By skipping the background check, you would not have noticed the bad credit, the eviction history, the criminal record. Red flags every property manager or landlord needs to be on the lookout for.

Bad screening results can likely lead to bad tenants.

You know the ones – won’t pay rent on time, cause property damage, may disturb the neighbors, conduct illegal business within their walls. Nearly everyone can look good on paper, but those major details of one’s financial or criminal history can often never be escaped. With a simple peek into available databases, you can glimpse into your applicant’s history and visualize what sort of tenant they’ll be for you over the course of their lease.

If you happened upon an application and background check in which there were several records of eviction, you would quickly put that applicant in the NO WAY pile. Now imagine not looking over that screening and missing those warning signs. Why would you ever take that risk? With a reasonable fee, you can protect, yourself, your assets, and your property with a complete rental history of your tenant.

You can verify past address, authenticate their social security number, review criminal records, and more. Tenant Screening Center is ready to help you find the best tenants for your property and avoid the bad ones. You have the option to receive reports from everything we offer or select the only ones you need to review. Customizable reports make it easy to check the quality of your potential renter and feel confident in your decision to work with them.

Don’t take the chance and simple hope your applicant has a clean background! It’s time to investigate and ensure they are the type of people you want living in one of your properties. You don’t want to be left high and dry with non-payment, broken leases, or damaged homes. Then imagine turning around and taking that risk again with another unverified tenant! Background checks are one of the easiest ways you can guard your investments.

For landlords and property managers, complete applicant screenings should be an absolute must have! A screening is just a small price to pay for a tenant lease with a better chance of on-time payments, good renters, and a peaceful property.

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