Tenant Background Checks

Tenant Background ChecksIf you are a property owner or property manager, don’t take on another applicant without first reviewing a background check! Sometimes people may seem trustworthy and dependable on paper (or in person) and sometimes they are. But do you want to take the chance that they aren’t who you think they are?

With a proper tenant screening, you can verify all kinds of information, as well as checking other background records, to ensure they are who they say they are. It can also give you a glimpse into their rental history – where they have lived before, if they have ever been evicted, if their credit is adequate. Without noticing these red flags, you may end up with a tenant nightmare filled with late payments, property damage, and the time-consuming costly eviction process.

Everything You Need In One Report

You can save yourself time and stress with a thorough and affordable background check. Reports offered through Tenant Screening Center can be customized to suit your needs and include a variety of different database reviews. Depending on your property, rent payment, or other factors, you may decide you don’t need every piece of the full report. TSC provides different levels of screenings and you can choose the best one for your needs.

These can include:

  • Credit History – The better the credit report, the more likely it is for you to receive your rent on time
  • Evictions Search – Reviews a national database of eviction records
  • Certification of Employment – Ensures the applicant is employed if they state as such on their application
  • Criminal Records Search – Accesses national database to check for felonies and misdemeanors
  • Sex Offender Search – Checks sex offender registries in all 50 states
  • Social Security Validation – Returns a “valid” or “invalid” result based on the provided Social Security Number. You will also receive the state and year of a valid number and a review of the Social Security Death Index
  • OFAC/Patriot Act Search – Gathers from several government agencies for terrorist watch list red flags

If this seems like a lot of information – it is! But it is necessary information for you as a landlord or property manager to have. The more knowledge you have, the safer your property will be. With just a small report fee, you can significantly minimize your risk when selecting your new tenants. If you’re feeling lucky, buy a lottery ticket. If you want a safe bet to protect your property, investment, and possibly other tenants, take the sure thing and order a comprehensive tenant screening!

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