Tenant Screening Brookline MA

Tenant screening is an essential step for finding a reliable renter for your Brookline MA property. However, thoroughly screening each applicant can take valuable time away from your property management. Tenant Screening Center saves you time and hassle with our affordable, in-depth tenant screening reports. Whether you need a tenant credit report or a background check, you can trust that you’re receiving accurate information. Since 1985, we’ve been helping landlords and property managers just like you place excellent tenants and protect their properties. All reports are available online 24/7, with a range of reporting options to meet your rental criteria and budget. Order yours today to start making the most informed decisions possible.

Tenant Screening Brookline MA

Your property represents a significant investment, so why shouldn’t you do everything you can to protect it? By using our tenant screening services, you can ensure that the applicants you select have a history of being responsible and dependable. Without screening, there’s no way to know how a person may behave as a tenant. They may seem like a good candidate, but without objective information, how can you really know? With our screenings, you can access a wealth of information to decide if they’re the right fit for your property.

Benefits of our Reports

With our tenant credit report, you’ll be able to assess an applicant’s financial stability. This report includes credit history, rental history, and the applicant’s level of debt. A credit history that contains inconsistencies may signal a red flag. Likewise, a high level of debt may indicate that the applicant would have greater difficulty making on-time rent payments. You’ll also be able to see whether they pay their bills on time, have been sent to collections, or have defaulted on rent. A tenant background check will give you insight into how the applicant has been as a tenant. You’ll have access to their credit history, eviction history, and employment history. Have they been able to maintain a steady job? Have they ever been evicted? These are just a couple of important considerations when selecting your new tenant.

In addition to our tenant credit report and background checks, we also offer mobile home park screening and commercial tenant screening for your Brookline MA property. Place your order online or contact us at 1-800-523-2381 with any questions you have.

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