TSC RentalConnect CE $34.95

How does TSC RentalConnect work?
Through TSC RentalConnect, a rental applicant orders and receives their own credit report directly from Experian and then grants the landlord or rental industry professional permission to view their report online for up to 30 days.

Who can use TSC RentalConnect?
Our services are available to landlords, rental industry professionals, and rental applicants that:

  • Can verify some personal information about themselves
  • Have a valid Social Security Number
  • Are at least 18 years of age
  • Do not have a Security Freeze or Fraud Alert on their credit

How is an account established?
The landlord or rental industry professional would:

  • Click the Sign Up Now button and complete a simple online form
  • Provide us with some information to activate your account and verify your identity
  • Answer a few questions regarding personal credit history
  • The account holder will be required to be re-vetted online (for free) annually.

How does the process work?
After an account has been established, the landlord or rental industry professional would log into their account and:

  • Send A Request – All you need is the prospective tenant’s name and email address.
  • Get Authorization – Tenants will grant you access to their Credit Report.
  • Check Tenant’s Credit – You will receive a notification by email when their credit report is ready for your review.
  • View the report by logging into the account.

The Credit, Criminal, and Eviction reports will be accessible online for up to 30 days. At which time they will be permanently removed from the account.