Background Check

Whether you’re an experienced property manager or first-time landlord, a background check is undoubtedly one of the most valuable tools at your disposal. In your search for tenants, you want to be sure that the ones you select will be responsible with your property and abide by the terms of your rental agreement. A tenant check gives you the opportunity to see important information that will help you with that selection. When you opt for tenant screening services you’re granted access to items like payment history, public court records, Social Security Number verification, and much more. You can even run a credit check on applicants for more background on their financials. With a report in hand, you have the information you need to make the best decision.

No landlord wants to experience difficult tenants. Late or missing rent payments, property damage, early lease termination — these are all real threats when you rent out your property. In your search for responsible tenants, a background check will help to highlight red flags in an applicant’s past that could spell trouble for your future. By learning more about your applicants’ public records and financial history you can protect your property and yourself from serious issues.

At TSC we make it easy to find out more about your prospective tenants. Internet searches provide limited information, but we are able to search national databases and records that you may not have quick access to. Many reports are available electronically, delivered promptly and accessed securely with the click of a button. When you’re looking for tenant information, come to us and get what you need without hassle.

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