Tenant Screening Paid by Tenant St. Paul MN

Tenant Screening Paid by Tenant St. Paul MNTrust, but also verify, with tenant screening paid by tenant St. Paul MN. Getting the right tenants for your units is key to keeping your profits (and sanity) intact. But with your busy schedule, finding the time to perform a rental background check yourself can be nearly impossible. It can be tempting to just go on “feel” or call a few references. But you do not need to look hard to find stories of fellow property owners who have been burned by irresponsible or, worse, dishonest tenants. Tenant Screening Center is here to help! Leave the heavy lifting to us; we specialize in performing tenant screening, including our tenant paid credit check service. Fill your units with confidence, without sacrificing your cash flow potential.

Tenant Screening Center is excited to offer our convenient paid by tenant service in the St. Paul MN area. This service provides you with a quick tenant paid credit check, at less cost to your prospective tenant than a traditional apartment application fee. The traditional rental background check process has drawbacks for property owners and apartment seekers. The number one complaint – the amount of time (often hours of active time and days for the entire process) that it takes to clear the applications. This leads to time-consuming extra apartment showings and viewings. And, too often, once you call your prospective tenant to let her know she is approved, she has already signed a lease for another unit.

You Can Trust Our Services

Our tenant screening paid by tenant service helps St. Paul MN landlords and tenants by helping property owners make a quick and informed decision. In addition, the process allows prospective tenants to keep their confidential information secure. They pay a nominal fee for the screening service and enter their information (birth date, social security number, etc.) themselves. Then they provide you with access to the generated report on our secure server. And, as a bonus, you can even offer a rebate of the screening fee upon lease signing.

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