The Importance of Tenant Verification & Screening Services For Mobile Home Parks

Tenant screening is common for landlords and property managers of single-family homes and multi-family homes, but what about mobile home parks? Although mobile home parks are somewhat unique, tenant screening and verification are equally important to ensure that you have reliable, responsible tenants.

What Are the Unique Considerations for Mobile Home Parks?

Mobile homes aren’t on a permanent foundation, so mobile homeowners can move at will; despite this, mobile homes aren’t frequently moved and will typically stay on the same lot once they’re installed. Unlike a single-family home or apartment, tenants often own their mobile home, so they’re just renting the lot – although some mobile home parks rent out homes as well.

For landlords who are only renting out the lot, there are often fewer concerns or more relaxed policies about choosing the right tenant. If the tenant causes damage to their own home, that’s on them. Due to this, it might seem like tenant screening is unnecessary for mobile home parks, but it’s important to remember that every tenant you choose becomes a member of a larger community. Mobile home parks are typically more intimate than the average residential neighborhood, which means neighbors are more likely to interact, and in turn, affect the overall feel of the community.

Mobile Home Park

No one wants to deal with neighbors who disregard the park’s rules or cause problems in other ways – and as a landlord, you don’t want tenants that pay rent late, either. It’s in everyone’s best interest to ensure that applicants with a good rental history are chosen. By taking the step to verify and screen your mobile home tenants, you can ensure that you’re building a thriving community of responsible tenants and reduce potential problems down the road.

What types of screenings should be run for mobile home parks?

We offer a variety of screenings to help you find reliable tenants for your community. With many state laws changing around when tenant screening can be used, tenant verification is often the best first step for many landlords. Our tenant verification service allows you to verify that the information applicants provide you is accurate, including:

  • The applicant’s current and previous address
  • The length of time they lived at each property
  • Verification of the applicant’s current employer
  • The length of time the applicant has worked at the company, their position, salary, and employment status (full time/part-time)
  • Whether there have been any late payments, bounced checks, balances owed, complaints on file, or legal notices
  • The applicant’s current and previous monthly rent payments
  • Whether the applicant has any pets
  • Whether the applicant would be eligible to re-rent either property
  • Whether the applicant gave proper notice of their intent to move

We conduct the verification on your behalf, saving you valuable time that can be spent on other aspects of managing your mobile home park.

Importance of Credit Checks

Credit checks are also important as they give you an idea of how well a tenant handles their debt. Applicants who were sent to collection agencies or defaults can be risky tenants, but so can those with a high debt-to-income. For example, if a tenant has a high amount of debt, they may have difficulty paying rent in the future, especially if they change jobs, have a baby, or experience other life events that might impact their finances. Background checks can be another very helpful screening tool, giving you information about eviction or criminal history.

All of our screening services are available online 24/7 and we offer RentalConnect, which allows you to defer the cost of the report onto the applicant. As with all our reports, we strongly suggest reviewing your local laws to ensure you’re using the information legally. Some states and local governments have enacted limits to when certain types of screenings can be conducted and under what circumstances. For more information and tips on tenant screening, visit our blog or contact us at 800-523-2381.

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